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We sell emotions

Vulcan Europe BV is part of the Hong Kong-based Vulcan Fireworks group, which has over 40 years experience in producing and supplying Chinese fireworks worldwide.

Vulcan Europe BV offers CE approved consumer and professional fireworks in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The fireworks are shipped directly from the Vulcan factories in China to our storage facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and UK.

Besides the Vulcan brand we exclusively supply the popular Diamond Collection and Astronaut brands.

As a complete supplier we offer a range of powerful services such as a modern webshop, the Vulcan sales & administration software and several standard and custom-made brochures.

Don't just take our word for it

— Vincent Demoulin
I really enjoy working with Vulcan products. The quality is outstanding and the unique effects give an extra experience time after time. They really don't just sell fireworks but emotions.
Party Fices SprL
— Lee Smith
We have worked with Vulcan and their products since the late 1990’s, we’ve always found that the products are always of superior quality, with excellent presentation on the consumer side of the range, and often leading the way in new innovations
1st Galaxy Fireworks Ltd
— Nicolas Guinand
We import products from Vulcan for a very long time. I can only congratulate Vulcan for the very high quality of their products and their administrative reliability, which contribute to the success of our company.
— Rodolpho Gruaz
Highest quality products, experience and seriousness ! Vulcan is our reliable partner for more than 20 years and no doubt that it will continue !
Ardi SA
— Charles Germain
We have been working with Vulcan products for more than 20 years, and we could see the evolution and difference with other products. They have always been innovative by introducing new methods or tools to set up and build your shows. The quality of effects and stars are definitely of top quality.
— A. Buchner & R. Kraenzle
We and our firework customers are convinced of the excellent quality of Vulcan products. Vulcan effects are the first class of firework. We have never had any problems in terms of security. We are always happy when we can try out new developments.
Galaxis Showtechnik GmbH
— Martin Hildeberg
Vulcan knows what display designers in the west needs in terms of quality and innovation. For a long time, they have been one of the few suppliers from Asia who does.
Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik AB
— James York
In New Zealand, we have been supplying Vulcan fireworks for over 30 years. They are regarded by everyone in our industry as the leaders for quality and effects. We are very pleased with our long history with Vulcan and their great products and team
Bad Boy Fireworks
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